“May the Force be with You, Luke” by Ruth Pillar

Luke PillarHe was found outside when he was 5 weeks old. None of the shelters would take him because he was wild, so we kept him. He was my first feral cat – but not my last. The moment I held him and told him I was going to keep him, he started to purr. This stated our long road together. His name came from Starwars;he was going to be my brothers cat. He used to sleep on my bed, and loved being with my animals. When my brother went off the school the question came up where was Luke going to stay? We decided at that time it was best if he stayed at home with me. My brother would come to visit from time to time. However, he hasn’t been home in two years now.
Luke had a great last day sleeping on my bed with all of his family. His favorite thing in life was food and he lived for breakfast and dinner. I called him for dinner and he didn’t come. A few minutes later I look down and there he was. Something was wrong! Luke was unable to use his left side. I cried as I brought him into the emergency. My brother called in just as we were putting Luke to sleep. Not only did I loose a family member and a great cat but I lost the only thing left in the house that reminded me of my brother. Luke was cremated and now lives in the kitchen so he can still be there for meal time. He will be missed by all. RIP Luke