“The Little Cat That Could … ‘Kai'” by Melissa Farquhar

kai final-web“Kai”, short for “Kaiser”, which is short for “Kaiserschmarnn” (it’s a long story for another time!!), came into this world as a tiny, feral kitten found in a client’s backyard. Abandoned by its mother, Kai required bottle-feeding from a very early stage and came to the clinic in a suppressed state of health. His success story is all because of the exceptional care and fostering by Alli McEwan, one of the vet techs at the Cornell Animal Hospital. Alli devoted much time and effort to helping Kai regain his health and well-being while he stayed at the clinic. But more than this, Alli socialized Kai to such an extent that, when it came time for him to be given up for adoption, Dr. Gemmill just couldn’t let Kai go; he was literally curled up on his shoulder!

And so began a new life for Kai…

Introduced into Dr. Gemmill’s home amongst his other feline friends, Kai quickly won over their affections – and the rest of the Gemmill household. But little Kai was not to stay that way for long. With good nutrition, Kai started to grow  – and grow – and grow. Larger than many small dogs, Kai stretches out like a small tiger. He throws his front legs around one’s neck in an embrace and then languidly allows himself to be flopped over a shoulder or neck and carted around like a pet snake. He is an incredibly loving and relaxed cat – and still he continues to grow!

Starting out as a little peanut of a kitten, Kai has emerged into a gigantic cat of mammoth proportions with a personality and heart to match, all because of the efforts of Alli and her vision for the little cat that “could”! Thanks Alli.